Connexall would like to invite you to submit a session proposal for presentation at WorldConnex 2015 in Sonoma, California, October 19th - October 22nd.

The WorldConnex provides a unique collaborative environment for an exclusive audience of healthcare executives and associates to discuss the future of healthcare, including many from award-winning hospitals around the world.

Presenter guidelines:

WorldConnex 2015 Presentation template

  • PowerPoint Presentations should follow the template provided (Fonts – color and size, logos and background)
  • Duration (Presentation + Q&A): Between 30 to 60 minutes max
  • Available material on location: Laptop + Projector + Screen
  • Suggested content areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Alarm Management
  • Alarm Fatigue Management
  • Future Smart Alarm Trends
  • Patient Flow (Transport, Housekeeping/EVS)
  • Patient Appointment Reminder / Satisfaction Survey
  • Hospital operational efficiency – how hospital uses Connexall to improve efficiency
  • Operational Data Management – how they use Connexall
    to provide data for analytics
  • Alarm Profiling Strategy – this is to respond to the
    Joint Commission recommended approach to
    evaluate risks in each area where alarms are used:
  • Begin with identification of all alarm types and locations
  • Measure baseline (numbers per day, staff and patient comments, etc)
  • Critical Lab Results
  • Cross-team Collaboration
  • Building New Hospital
  • *By submitting a proposal to participate you agree to have your presentation included in the event material and to deliver the finalized version one to two weeks prior to the event commencement date.

    Presentation proposals due by June 17, 2015

    Please also fill and sign this form and email your submission to







    Description* (a brief explanation of how the session will address the topic)