Aniket Nadkarni

IT Systems Manager
Stanford Children's Health

“Connexall has always been great in helping us connect with other hospitals that have already done what we wanna do. But just being able to see and meet people face to face is always better. I think even in this digital age is something that, I think, is underappreciated.”

Lori Mccauley

Director of Unified Communications
Arkansas Children’s Hospital

“Every time I attend WorldConnex, and we’ve been coming for 5-8 years, it’s a great career investment. I learn so much from our peers.

I think one of the great things from WorldConnex, for me, is I am able to peer network with some other children’s hospitals whether it be Colorado Children’s, Arkansas Children’s and CHOP is here. It’s just the peer networking and connecting with peers I haven’t seen in a while and seeing that they’re doing and what we’re doing as it relates to Digital Transformation and moving the needle in this new world of consumer driven healthcare.”

David Shively

Clinical Communications Engineer
Stanford Health Care

“WorldConnex is fantastic. Its great to get all of the great hospitals and healthcare systems that use Connexall, to be in one place and to interact with the Connexall team and all of the health systems and meet new people. This is really where we generate lots of great ideas and allows us to interact with those folks as we continue down our path of doing integrations.”